Website Hosting Meaning | Explain What Is Web Hosting ?

      Hey, here we welcome you to the small world of web hosting:
where, you will come to know about What is web hosting?
why web hosting is needed? and
types of web hosting..

       So, before starting let me congrats you , that you have choosen the very right decision to access your data through online hosting and trust me you will be having your great job..

Now we begin..



   Web hosting is the internet service, through which, the individuals and the organisations make their website accessible via the world wide web.
In simple way, web hosting are the companies that are basically used for finding the best space in the world of internet where, we can originate or develope our website.

         I think, you must understood the meaning of web hosting. Right?

         Now, let’s move to level 2, to know, Why there is need of web hosting?

          Firstly, think for few minutes, if you don’t compete for hosting and carrying on your data by your own internet access..
so, will you not face loading, speed, connection type of problems.. won’t you?
here, Hosting act on your problem and solve your all needs by providing ;
1. redundant power supplies,
2. ultimate speed,
3. stable connection,
4. hardware maintenance by team expert..

Now you must be clear up with your basic confusions..

here, we are at level 3: types of web hosting

I must tell you that web hosting is divided to creat choice being, that of, in which creative type of hosting you are in need, by keeping in mind of the person who is begineers and one who is interested specific in bussiness with affordable prices.

let’s start:
there are #3 types of web hosting
1. Shared hosting
2. Dedicated Hosting
3. Virtual Private Servers hosting ( VPS Hosting )

here we begin with


   Shared hosting is most popular and mostly used type of web hosting.
It is best for the use of small business and the individuals.
Shared Hosting is that one type of hosting where many websites are hosted on a *single server.The #advantage of hosting many websites is that it makes the use at a cheap prices because of the shared resources.

       Shared Hosting can handle the websites that run WordPress, Joomla and many more.. that makes the process effortless to use. This Hosting have the record of maintaining #30K visitors per month which evaluate most no. of websites in it. If you are the one just started with the hosting, just take a more look at shared hosting to know more advanced features about it.


    Dedicated Hosting is that one Hosting that includes only single server which host only single website.The great #advantage of this Hosting is that the entire server is on focus for giving website the best performance it needed.
this hosting have record of #100K visitors per month.


   VPS Hosting is the best for the use of technically inclined and mostly caters to programmers and web designers.
       The great #advantage of VPS hosting is that you can range your site from small to large scale of website without switching users. VPS hosting is famous for consisting of large number of options as far as software and hardware go. + it pay you hourly instead of having monthly fee.

    At last but not the least you must come to know much more about the Hosting.
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