Weebly is one of the fastest and best e-commerce service site. This site was developed in 2007 and currently powers millions of businesses on more than 50 million sites around the world. Whether, you want to start an online business or want you in online then Weebly, build your website where all wants to reach and have it. As, it provides powerful tools that makes easy to built your professional, e-commerce, etc sites. They also provides you features which provides a great support in developing site.

Why to choose Weebly for hosting ?

  • Provide large disk space
  • If your website is featured on CNN.com, it won’t cause as much as a hiccup in your site’s performance, or the other websites hosted by Weebly.
  • provides availability and performance guarantee
  • provide modern hosting services
  • Reliable and free web hosting.

To check out these features our experts have taken an experience and shared their own reviews as follows..


1. Weebly is best for the beginners and small business site developers.
2. User friendly site for the beginners and just startups.
3. Best site in web building for the experts.


1. Easy to use and user friendly

   On our experts views,
they have monitored that Weebly is very easy to use. They provide powerful control panel which makes system very effortless to use.
This well built control panel is easy for the use of startups or the intermediators.
Given simple layout to easily create your own Personal, e-commerce etc… sites.

2. Speed reviews

  Weebly stands best in speed check by besttwebhosting.in. Unexpected results our experts have got in speed. So, if you are in search of it’s speed limits results. They are almost best than better.

WEEBLY: Site loading speed is 3.912 seconds.

3. Security check

   Weebly provides high security. They take care of security against hackers and spam. With business plans, they even install and maintain SSL across your entire site.

4. Site developing process

    Weebly provides drag and drop elements , once you advertise your site of using an all-inclusive website builder is that you won’t have to write HTML or CSS code.

5. Strong features

    Weebly is a great choice for all the website builders for each and every small to large scale business or e-commerce sites. They have great pricing, good functionality, and good user experience.
Weebly provides more essential features like URL redirects and page-level custom code placement, forums, membership options, integrated advertising options, file uploads, etc..

6. Support system

    All sites experts provide 24/7 support regarding any issues. Our experts identified that Weebly had it’s own advantage on it. With all support, Weebly also provides phone support side to side. However Weebly offers an email support option for a free accounts.

7.  Poor content management system

    Content Management System clears that, it is a page where you can write, edit or you can filter your content.
In few sessions our experts monitored that you can create your small site in a best way but, if the point comes on large site with the need of hundreds of pages then Weebly stoods back on giving its best in providing better performance while creating large site.
However, it is unexpectedly best to create a Small pages site.

8. Difficulties in site migration

    The big disadvantage of Weebly is that, if you want to move on your own another WordPress like Websites, or you want to migrate from one to another site, or you want to redirect your URLs then here comes the choke.
However, if you want to migrate through your blog content then you first have to manually copy or migrate through RSS.
In regarding to exporting page Weebly allows to export it via zip file.

9. Weebly progress in e-commerce

    Weebly progress in e-commerce functionality is truly out standing.
The pricing system is in affordable prices. You can sell your products from your Weebly accounts without switching the platform.
However, Weebly is better for the short term platform not in long term platform for selling products.


Weebly is an affordable hosting site. However it provides hosting in free of cost in which you can create your own site with weebly’s easy to use tools.

In regarding to Domain it charges RS 325 and $ 5. Just get it and connect your domain.

In case of developing professional site set up, Weebly provides you there Pro features starting at just RS 780/mo. Beside this, it offers you a free Domain service.

In order to get fully integrated e-commerce site or bussiness site  with free domain they charge annually fee starting at just RS 1625/mo.


If you are need of good functional, well experienced, modern featured site then Weebly is the best choice to have it. However somehow it lacks it’s features in providing site migration, but if you in place of creating small business site then Weebly is your best choice.