Fast Comet Review


Fast comet is one of the best web hosting site which was started in 2013 with the support of 50k users and 70+ employees. It’s growth rate is continuously on increasing since beginning. However, Fast comet is best for the startups and small business owners. Provide high level of  performance in managing the site.


Why to choose fast comet for hosting?

  •  Renew domain in free of cost for 1 year.
  •  It is powered by most powerful control panel for web hosting to make system easy to use.
  •  provides daily and weekly backups.
  • provides 100% satisfaction for 45 days money back guarantee.
Let’s check out the performance of  fastcomet on our experts research..

1. Up-time Position

Fastcomet stands extremely strong in providing Up-time guarantee. It ranked top in providing 100% Up-time guarantee.
As you can see the top rated guarantee in below picture:+

2. Provides Free Domain

  In few years our experts have found out that fast comet provides  Domain transfer feature with not charging any fee. They renew your domain in free of cost that for 1 year. 45 days money back guarantee
     Fastcomet offers you the free trial of 45 days with no any issues. It means you can test their service within 45 days  for Cloud Shared Hosting and 7 days for VPS/ DS Servers.

4. Daily backups

Fastcomet provides daily backup for free.
First, they offer free daily backups. That’s almost unheard of on cheap, ‘value’ plans.
Second, they’ll store these backups for you, safely off-site for up to 30 full days.
And third – they’ll help you restore older versions of your site within just a single click if needed.

5.  Speed limit

 With the research our experts have found that fastcomet is slow in speed as compared to other sites. So, fast comet have it’s drawback in speed limits.
Although, from last 24 months, we got slow speed of about 807 ms.

6. Provide Free CDN

Fast comet provides free Cloudfare content Delivery Network (CDN) in priceless cost as in, free of cost. CDN is simply a distributed networks that provides pages and other contents for web creation directly to the site user, on the basis of geagraphical location of the user.
 As CDN hosts your site over the world wide, so it loads your pages in just a time of half of a second for each and every visitors from anywhere.

7. Provide free migration

Fastcomet beats other in providing free migration. However, fastcomet provides fast managed transfers on all plans, including moving of all your files, databases and emails.
In case if you already have a site on the interwebs, FastComet will help to jumb on their service for free.
Also, fastcomet experts provide an big advantage on a user with a time saver, that,  their experts will move your site for free within less than an hour.


Let’s take an over look on the features provided by fastcomet.


1. Free Domain transfer
2. Daily and weekly backups
3. 99.9% Uptime
4. provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.
5. 24/7 support


On the deep research of fastcomet our experts found this hosting as off strong in providing Up-time guarantee, in providing back ups, etc.
As our experts recommend to have fast-web for its support and Up-time guarantee but it is not friendly in speed.