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There are many many best Email Hosting India but the most difficult is which hosting to be choosen, don’t worry our experts have founded the top email hosting sites which have listed further in this article. But before that you must know the basic importance of email Hosting.

Email Hosting is simply hosting an Internet service that operates the email servers. It is most important part for the growth of business for that, we must be communicated with the internet. As it is a deal with the bussiness, however, the email must not be simple it should be as a professional with their own domain. So for that case Hosting companies in India came on to the platform.

Listed below are the top companies that offer best email Hosting ??

1. Bigrock
2. HostGator
3. Bluehost
4. Reseller club
5. Hostpapa

Furthermore, we discuss the above listed sites that provides best email Hosting India in detail:-

1. Bigrock

Bigrock is one of the best site in providing E-mail hosting services with 5 emails, beyond it, it provides more advance services for the startups and web developers under top 5 web hosting services. However, it is India’s #1 domain registration and web hosting company. It satisfied all over more than 100k customers and is being satisfying over all. Beside this it is best  in providing you the experts support. Still,Big rock is one of the known site for cheap shared hosting with the reliable features. If you are the one with need of best E-mail Hosting features with affordable price you must click on the site.

Why to choose bigrock for E-mail hosting??
1. Provide great qualified technical support with well built infrastructure by using Dell Rack servers with Dual Quad Core Xeon CPUs and also provide 64GB RAM.
2. Provide 24/7 support by the team experts working over day and night via email, over phone and chats.
3. The system of advanced control panel used is made easy.
4. Manage very high traffic and load pages extremely faster.
5. It is India’s leading domain registration and web hosting company.
6. Powerful tools are used by providing FTPs security and SSH flexibility.
7. provide 300 applications with one click installation like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc..

If you get stuck anywhere or face any issues, then, no need of getting panic this site provide you the ultimate 24/7 support within a minute whenever you are in any trouble.The desirable part of this site is, it is user friendly and is effortless to use.
Now let’s over view the key features of it:-


1. Unlimited websites
2. provide easy control panel
3. affordable prices.
4. money back guarantee (30 day)
5. support programming language
6.24/7 support

2. HostGator

HOSTGATOR comes under best email Hosting provider with 5 GB email storage. This service is best for providing free domain registration feature and is most trusted company since 17 years and now. This service provide powerful web hosting and is best for the use of small business to Enterprises + 2M satisfied users.
This site is user friendly site and provide free control panel which is easy to use.

Why to choose HostGator   for email hosting ??

1.  It guaranteed you in providing 24/7 support as their support staff is available for 24/7/365 to assist you via telephone, live chat, or email with any Hosting related issues.
2. It provides you 100% risk free 45 days money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied by this Hosting you can cancel it within 45 days and will get refund soon.
3.  Their first priority is to maintain the availability of your website so they provide 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

It also provides ultimate speed with advanced programming which is one of the most important need of creating website.It provides 5GB email storage space which is a high requirements for the sites.
And also many more features listed below:-


1. super fast speed
2. 99.9% uptime
3. advanced programming
4. unlimited database
5. money back guarantee (45 days)
6. 24/7 support

3. Bluehost

Blue host web hosting service is  best for the providing the email Hosting service that provides unlimited email accounts feature. This email Hosting service is best for the business owners. This site has been recommended by since 2005 and powering over 2M website world wide.

Why to choose Bluehost for email Hosting?

1.     It provide best qualitative high time 24/7 support and with powered security.Plus, provide 120GB high storage space which is high need of forming a best site.
2.   Provide best access to marketing services, tools, and paid ad credits to boost your website’s global reach.
3. One of the best WordPress provider site by by installing it in free for all the users.
4.    Provide 24/7 support by experts which are on for all the users.
5.  Provide satisfaction guarantee for all your issues.
6. provide 100% risk free 30 days money back guarantee.
And also provide the unlimited features listed below:-


1. Easy to use
2. powered security
3. support worldwide domain names
4. unlimited storage and email accounts
5. money back guarantee (30 days)
6. 24/7 support

4. Reseller club

Reseller club is one that provide securable email Hosting service that provides Unlimited email accounts. It is one of the oldest and trusted site since 1998.This site is one of the largest domains and hosting provider and offer the best products as per need of the users, and stands in providing high security.Reseller club is famous for its selling purpose, that it allows you to sell their domain , hosting and other products ( SSL security + code guard ) and also known as best reseller Hosting provider in India.

Why to choose reseller club for email Hosting ??

1.  It provides one of the best Solid State Driver to boost the performance.
2.  Provide easy upgrade service to increase your resources as per your needs.
3.  Provide Multiple Linux Dustros which have been choosen from various operating system.
4.   Best system admin support, they provide 24/7 expert support.
5.  provide in-house panel for easier server management
6.   Provide DDos Protection by Active network monitoring
7.   Provide 100% risk free of 30 days money back guarantee.

To built a new and Large site there is a high need of space so that you can modify it in a very interesting way, so for that Reseller club provide a huge space of about 120GB to built a game in high level.In another side, Reseller club provide high speed Network to minimize the loading speed of your site, it is also named for providing high security, and Uptime guarantee in any issues of the users.
And also it provides the many different unlimited features listed below.


1. unlimited websites + Domains
2. Unlimited email accounts
3. high security
4. unmetered disk space
5. 24/7 support

5 Hostpapa

Hostpapa is one of the best web hosting service site for providing best email Hosting with T50 email accounts. Ranked #1 in India for hosting 500K websites. The Top part of this site is it is user friendly and is also rated for giving 100% satisfaction guarantee.Hostpapa is the topmost best web hosting service provider for the growth of gaming sites and (ideally for small business ) with affordable price + includes unlimited websites, unlimited storage, free Domain registration and many more..

Why to choose Hostpapa shared hosting service for free domain??

1.   It is one of the WordPress friendly hosting site .
2.   Servers are built to provide you the best hosting experience including fast loading speeds.
3.   Built a top most professional Website in a minute.
4.  Provide high security and reliable features to grow your site.
5.   Use over 400+ free apps to build or extend your website.
6. Best in providing large amount of email accounts, that is T50.

It provides high speed Network in gaming world to support game server.
Provides high storage of 1TB SSD and perform on it’s level best to make your site grow faster and became more advanced.
and also provide further more features to support featuring your site:-


1. unlimited websites
2. easy to use
3. high speed
4. 100% Uptime guarantee
5. money back guarantee (30 days)
6. 24/7 support
7. free Domain transfer
8. free website migration.


As all the above sites are top listed sites that provides best E-mail Hosting services, but still you may get confused to choose one of the best from those sites. So, our experts mostly recommend to choose Bigrock as the best e-mail Hosting site as it provides 5 email servers. However, it is India’s #1 domain registration and web hosting company. It satisfied all over more than 100k customers and is being satisfying over all. Beside this it is best  in providing you the experts support. Beyond this,Big rock is one of the known site for cheap shared hosting with the reliable features. If you are the one with need of best E-mail Hosting features with affordable price you must click on the site. Furthermore, this site provide one of the most safe and reliable plans,

1. starter plan: it is one of the cheapest plan starting at just RS 139/mo that provides 20GB space, 100 GB transfer, 5 emails, free SSL certificate and many more.

2. Advanced plan: provide plan at the rate of RS 199/mo plus provide unmetered space, unmetered transfer, free SSL certificate, unlimited emails etc..

3. Pro plan : this plan is mostly recommended and popular plan starting at just RS 389/mo and host unlimited Websites provide unmetered space, unmetered transfer and unlimited emails and many more..