Affordable Linux Hosting

Affordable Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is one of the best web host solutions. but, before we get on affordable Linux hosting, you must go through the further points of what does Linux hosting exactly meant?

Linux web hosting is an open source, most operated operating system over world wide. It was started in 1991 and is been more popular and mostly used web hosting till now. If you are the one in need of realiable and affordable services then, Linux hosting is your best choice.  Linux hosting supports many tools like WordPress, Web apps, Dreamweaver and other WYSIWYG apps as well as PHP, MySQL, CGI, Python and or Perl.

Why to choose Linux hosting?

1. User friendly:-  If you are just a startups or a Beginner you may not be having much knowledge of operating system then the user friendly control panel act on your difficulties. As control panel is easy to handle and effortless to use.

2. Backups:- in case of any blockage to your site then on that issue the Linux Hosting provide the great backup plan so that the disappeared data will be stored in it.

3. Reliability:- before getting to any of the hosts solutions you must be sure of it’s reliability. Linux Hosting is one of the most reliable Hosting service that provides 99.9% Uptime guarantee to the users and. also provide 24/7 support to the users.

4. Security :- Linux Hosting is securable service that provides 100% security and guaranteed to provide you the satisfaction.

5. Bandwidth:- Linux hosting manage heavy traffic with providing best performance guarantee.

Now, we are recommending you the most popular and affordable Linux hosting by ,keeping in mind for the users who are willing for hosting but in affordable price.
So Here we have listed below the  top best cheap Linux web hosting services in India.

1. Hostinger
2. Hostpapa
3. A2 hosting
4. Miles web
5. Reseller club

Now we will discuss each site in detail:-

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the best Linux Hosting provider in affordable prices  that offer free domain service site. Hostinger was started in 2004. This site is also known as the  best business web hosting site under top 5 web hosting services which provides the service in cheapest price starting at just RS 45/mo and beside this provides free domain service. It is one of the fastest growing website which is guaranteed by better software testing. On the other hand the set up made here is user friendly, it provides easy WordPress system with one click installation.

Why to choose Hostinger for Linux Hosting ??
1. It provide one of the most easy set up and is easy to use.
2.  It is one of the cheapest service provider starting at just RS 45/mo, beside this it provide ultimate speed to grow your business.
3. provide automatic one click wordpress installation. The backend is powered by LiteSpeed caching and advanced optimization to ensure your websites are fast, reliable and secure.
4.  Their expert team provide 24/7 support.
5.  Powerful and user friendly control panel.
6.  provide 100% risk free 30 days money back guarantee.

The #best part of the hostinger is that they make the setup very easy to use, WordPress made easy, powerful tools are used to have the better technology and provide the reliable service with no any difficulty in payment.

Now let’s look out at it’s basic key features:-


1. Unlimited web storage
2.  Unlimited web hosting and email account
3. daily back up
4. 24/7 support
6.domain name builder
8.WordPress hosting

2. Hostpapa

Hostpapa is one of the best web hosting service site for providing best Linux hosting in affordable prices starting at just RS 89/mo. It is a Hosting with free domain service. Ranked #1 in India for hosting 500K websites. The Top part of this site is it is user friendly and is also rated for giving 100% satisfaction guarantee.Hostpapa is the topmost best web hosting service provider for the growth of gaming sites and (ideally for small business ) with affordable price + includes unlimited websites, unlimited storage, free Domain registration and many more..

Why to choose Hostpapa shared hosting service for free domain??
1.   It is one of the WordPress friendly hosting site .
2.   Servers are built to provide you the best hosting experience including fast loading speeds.
3.   Built a top most professional Website in a minute.
4.  Provide high security and reliable features to grow your site.
5.   Use over 400+ free apps to build or extend your website.

It provides high speed Network in gaming world to support game server.
Provides high storage of 1TB SSD and perform on it’s level best to make your site grow faster and became more advanced.
and also provide further more features to support featuring your site:-


1. unlimited websites
2. easy to use
3. high speed
4. 100% Uptime guarantee
5. money back guarantee (30 days)
6. 24/7 support
7. free Domain transfer
8. free website migration.

3. A2 hosting

A2 hosting is one of the fastest growing site + provide most popular Linux Hosting services in affordable price starting at just RS 298/mo and is well organized  service for beginners as well as  professional developers since 2003. This service offer the best web host solutions for the users. A2 Hosting service gives tough to other hosts for speed (20X faster speed). So if you are the one in need of high speed shared Hosting then this service is your best choice.

Why to choose A2 Hosting for Linux hosting??
1. Provide best satisfaction guaranteed that it gives the one of the best Linux hosting services.
2.  One of the most fastest service of about 20x fastest speed among all the other.
3.  Provide anytime money back guarantee that, when you not get any satisfaction through this site you can quit it and get the refund soon.
4. Provide high level of performance with 99.9% Uptime guarantee.
5.   provide feature-rich shared Hosting plans.

This service has the reputation of no loading and also not a single beat of hanging of website while working. The best part of this site is, it provide  automatic backup (FREE).
It also provide many more features listed below:-


1. 99.9% Uptime
2. anytime money back guarantee
3. world class billing system option
4. 24/7 support
5. GET 50% OFF
6.SSL certificate
7. site migration


Miles web is one of the fastest growing company in the web hosting platform. This site is best in providing cheap Linux web hosting services. Miles web  was established in year 2012. The best part of this site is, it gives it’s 100% in providing 24/7 support.Miles web mostly focus on customer satisfaction and includes wide range of best Hosting services. Site is also  known for providing best shared hosting services in cheap price starting at just just RS 40/mo.

Why to choose Miles web for cheap Linux hosting??
1. Provide rich and reliable features starting at just RS 40/mo.
2. provide unlimited hosting with free domain, SSL and CDN.
3. Level of performance is very high and is continuously awarded for that level of performance.
4. The first priority is toProvide 24/7/365 by the expert team of milesweb.
5.  Their availability for your Website is primary concern so provide 99.9% uptime guarantee.
6. Provide 100% risk free of 30 days money back guarantee.

Now look out the few more basic features provided by the miles web:-


1. Unlimited disk space
2. highly reliable
3. fast speed
4. 99.9% Uptime
5. unlimited Hosting
6. money back guarantee ( 30 days)
7. 24/7 support migration
9. SSL certificate

5. Reseller club

Reseller club is one that provide affordable Linux Hosting starting at just RS 185/mo  and is one of the oldest and trusted site since 1998.This site is one of the largest domains and hosting provider and offer the best products as per need of the users, and stands in providing high security.Reseller club is famous for its selling purpose, that it allows you to sell their domain , hosting and other products ( SSL security + code guard ) and also known as best reseller Hosting provider in India.

Why to choose reseller club for shared hosting Hosting ??
1.  It provides one of the best Solid State Driver to boost the performance.
2.  Provide easy upgrade service to increase your resources as per your needs.
3.  Provide Multiple Linux Dustros which have been choosen from various operating system.
4.   Best system admin support, they provide 24/7 expert support.
5.  provide in-house panel for easier server management
6.   Provide DDos Protection by Active network monitoring
7.   Provide 100% risk free of 30 days money back guarantee.

To built a new and Large site there is a high need of space so that you can modify it in a very interesting way, so for that Reseller club provide a huge space of about 120GB to built a game in high level.In another side, Reseller club provide high speed Network to minimize the loading speed of your site, it is also named for providing high security, and Uptime guarantee in any issues of the users.
And also it provides the many different unlimited features listed below.


1. unlimited websites + Domains
2. Unlimited email accounts
3. high security
4. unmetered disk space
5. 24/7 support
6. GET 40% DISCOUNT SSL certificate
8.  free control panel


As all the above sites are top listed sites that provides best Linux Hosting also in affordable prices. but still you may get confused to choose one of the best from those sites. So, our experts mostly recommend to choose Hostinger as best Linux Hosting provider site.The setup made here is very easy to use, WordPress made easy, powerful tools are used to have the better technology and provide the reliable service with no any difficulty in payment. However , Hostinger is one of the most cheapest web hosting site that provides best shared Hosting plans starting at just RS 45/mo:-

1. Single web hosting plan:-  this plan is one of the best choice for the beginners with most cheapest price of RS 45/mo. Furthermore provide features like 100GB bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, 1X AllocatedResources and many more..

2. Premium web hosting plan:- this plan is best for the users with personal site with cheapest price starting at just RS 119/mo. Beside this it provides Unlimited Number of Websites, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Bandwidth, WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP), Free SSL Certificate & Domain,2X Allocated Resources.

3. Business web hosting plan:- this plan is best for the time of renewing your website starting at just RS 180/mo with providing daily backup, free SSL certificate, 4x processing power and memory.